Finland 100 years!



This is Sauna Vihta, our tribute to Finland who celebrate 100 years of independence.




For us Finland is sauna. Every summer when we are on our way to the cottage on the Finnish countryside we cross our fingers and hope that the sauna will be intact and ready for some fire. But it’s important to heat slow and during the waiting it’s good to make a sauna vihta!

Size: 40 x 50 cm
Paper: Munken Pure 240g

Edition: 100

Available in the jollygoodshop!


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The freedom to roam, or everyman’s right (Allemansrätten)  is the general public’s right to access certain public or privately owned land for recreation and exercise. The right is sometimes called the right of public access to the wilderness or the right to roam. (Wikipedia)  This print is our celebration to and reminder of Allemansrätten!



The poster is screen printed by hand in black and white on brownish paper. The paper is made out of recycled paper and rests from paper production (“kvistmassa”) so the look of the paper vary and can change color slightly . Also available on our standard paper Munken Pure (off white) were the text is printed in grey. You can have a look at it in the shop.


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What we in sweden call a sunshine story (solskenshistoria)

A few years a go we bought some purple poppy seeds to spice up our cooking. After a while we found out that some bugs also seemed to like them so we thought “let’s give the poppy seeds to the birds”. It was in the middle of the winter and they could need some energy. We threw them in a flower box, but the birds weren’t interested at all. We forgot about the poppy seeds, but in the spring time they all of a sudden started to grow. The flowers have embellished our balcony all summer and now we have new poppy seeds which we can plant next year, if we haven’t used them in the kitchen.

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jollygoodfellow at Pajula


After two days in Helsinki we spent the rest of the week in a cottage without electricity and running water. We really enjoyed the contrast!

Right now we are very much into annual rings and to our delight the neighbors had cut down some forest, so we spent some time taking pictures and fighting the mosquitoes.



Now is the best time for picking stinging nettles! (at least in sweden).

Stinging Nettle has a flavour similar to spinach when cooked and is rich in vitamins A, C, D, iron, potassium, manganese, and calcium.

We were out picking some this week and made a fantastic soup in the evening.
Just remember to have a pair of gloves with you when you are picking.

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Jollygoodfellow gillar grisar med knorr!


Humle o Dumle (på bilderna) bökar på i sitt hägn på Överjärva gård.

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blabar skogen

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ny mobil


Den här fina grafiska mobilen är inköpt på Östanbäcks kloster utanför Sala. Vi söker oss gärna till kloster när vi är ute på resa. Där finns ett lugn som gärna smittar av sig. Det är också inspirerande med den självvalda enkelheten. Andra favoritkloster är minimalistiska Mariavall vid Brösarp och Heliga Hjärtats Kloster vid Omberg.

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