Greetings from Finland

We started the summer with a fantastic trip to the Finnish countryside. In a way, a journey through time as well, a trip to the days before running water and electricity (not totally, now and then we were able to borrow electricity and network, so some pictures from there are on instagram). What a feeling it is to carry wood and lighting a fire to get hot water and sauna or to fish up the lunch from the lake. We came home with a lot of new energy and inspiration from the exciting environments. Now we will continue working on some new prints for the Formex autumn fair mixed with salty water baths in the Baltic Sea, HAPPY SUMMER!

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After a winter in the barn Anders Nilsson’s cows finally came out (“kosläpp” in swedish). Some hesitated but once they stepped out into the green it was impossible to miss the joy, and we enjoyed watching them!

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Typographic inspiration

At the Hietaniemi Graveyard in Helsinki. Sometimes you find inspiration at unexpected places. Here are some mobile camera photos taken while getting our son to sleep. And the last picture shows a hard-to-read hospital sign.

Kotten tote bag


The Cone is a favorite among our prints for the kids, so we had to print it on a tote bag as well! A piece of the beautiful forest, plain and simple.
Organic cotton for the sake of the planet.


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Hyacint in clay


Konstfacks Christmas fair was great, lots of nice visitors (some of our prints are now out of stock) and many nice pieces, for exampel this hyacint who is staying with us now!

“As a symbol for the strenght and power of the natur the flower is explosively growing up through the surface of the clay.”
says  Karin Frankenstein and Anton Alvarez.

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jollygoodfellow at Pajula


After two days in Helsinki we spent the rest of the week in a cottage without electricity and running water. We really enjoyed the contrast!

Right now we are very much into annual rings and to our delight the neighbors had cut down some forest, so we spent some time taking pictures and fighting the mosquitoes.

jollygoodfellow in Helsinki

We just got home from a trip to Finland, the first stop was Helsinki, a really nice city.
We walked around in the design district and of course we noted some nice bicycles and numbersplates (and did some PR).  Maybe urbnCal 2012 Helsinki…

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KONSTFACK Degree Exhibition 2010


We say goodbye to this years exhibition at Konstfack (University College of Arts, Crafts and Design) in Stockholm, but it is still possible to get a glimpse of it here.

One part we specially remember is Care for Cows, if we keep the cows indoors at least we can care. One other is Margot Sucksdorff Barolos work which is about “production” and its complexity. And finally Christian Brandt an his alphabet.

Good luck to all the talented students!

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