Jackson Pollock Jr

Jackson Pollock Jr – a white t-shirt that can stand as much spill as you like.

Ten years ago, when we had our first kid, we started to think about a ”spill-friendly” t-shirt. We tried different patterns to camouflage the spill. But now we finally have the concept! What before was a problem is now a piece of art in the spirit of Jackson Pollock.

We print by hand with water-based colour in our garage printshop using really nice t-shirts from Neutral (Denmark) that are certified okay – GOTS, Fairtrade, EU Ecolabel, etc.

Item No: 5-36-TEE
Size: 92-98 (2-4 yrs) and 104-110 (3-5 yrs) At the moment.

Available in our JOLLY GOOD SHOP!







Foto 2017-05-19 10 17 36K Foto 2017-05-19 10 39 41K


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Jolly Good Lördag – May


Sunshine, books, vases, airplants, natural dyed textiles and a lot of prints! It was a very nice #jollygoodlördag and here are some pictures for you that live too far away to come by in person ; )




IMG_5454 2

We served the kids with a lots of cork cubes to build and play with.


The print we call Allemansrätten on the wall. Yes we´re open!


Aeroteket brought a lot of nice airplants and ceramic bowls that are a perfect match with our Concrete Bowl #1 :-).



Scandinaviaform‘s vases look great even without flowers in them!




Slightly imperfect cork cubes from our Urban Cube Calendar are recycled as toys.


Premiere for our natural dyed textile on wall.






A rack full of Unique fellows!


Action in the playground in front of the house.


After work – play!


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Slightly Imperfect


Slightly-Imperfect- JGF - 102315_1(k)

The pile of irregular tote bags have grown big, so we were thinking of something to do with them. Maybe turn them into pillow cases? But then we thought of an old print idea that has been in the drawer (or sketch book) for many years.


We have collected small marks for “irregular quality” during the years. The first one’s were found on cheap t-shirts and underwear bought in New York in the 1990’s.

Now we have let them be the main motif on some bags!

Slightly-Imperfect_printing01 Slightly-Imperfect_printing02 Slightly-Imperfect_printing03


The expression ”slightly imperfect” is kind of funny. It sounds humble but at the same time says ”almost perfect”. Like the swedish expression ”Obetydliga skönhetsfel kan förekomma” which means something like ”insignificant beauty imperfections might occur”. And who doesn’t feel like that at times?


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Jollygoodfellow + CLOSE by DENIM

When we started up the jollygoodfellow printshop many years ago the focus was on t-shirts. But now most of the prints are on paper (posters). Some times we miss it, but we realize that we haven’t time to do it right now.

When Petra Backlund from Close by Denim asked us if we wanted to collaborate it felt so right, especially since we share the same values (environmental friendly production and products, local production as far at it’s possible, products with long life etc). We really like their tag line “CLOSE by DENIM is brought to life from a spirit of mindful spending.”  Now the first t-shirts are launched and we are looking forward to continue the collaboration!






Right now both of them are available on line, click HERE to find them.


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New pictures of an old friend


The fact is that “Kotten” is the first print we did together as a jollygoodfellow, we still like it and still print it. When we were going to make it available at supermarket we realized that we didn’t have that many pictures of the print on the right items (we changed supplier along the way). But now we have! Some of them you find here.

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bag tags

bagtagTygkassarna vi trycker på nu kommer från Ecolotion, ett företag som också satsar mycket på hampa i Europa vilket känns roligt. Tagsen som sitter på när kassarna kommer konkurrerar lite väl mycket med våra tryck så de brukar åka av och har blivit liggande i en hög (man kan ju inte slänga). Provade att göra julgranspynt av dem men det blev ingen succé. Nu har de blivit customiserade till jollygoodfellowtags!

Our tote bags come from Ecolotion, a european company that works with hemp fiber in the most environmentally-sound way possible, which feels great. The tags that is on the bags when we get them compete a little too much with our prints, we have removed them and they have been lying in a stack. We tried to make Christmas tree decorations of them but that wasn’t very successful. Now they have been customized – trimmed and less colourful – and become  jollygoodfellow tags!

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