Nordic No 2022

We did it! A new calendar 10 years after our last wall calendar that we called urbnCal.

For this calendar we cut up old silkscreened test prints of bicycles and printed the calendar on the other side. Happy to have them together. In that way the project has very small environmental effect.

12 sheets A3
Paper: Reused test prints, Munken Lynx 200 gr
Edition: 50
Printed with Risograph

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Urban Cube Calendar

The idea came up for the first time when we biked around looking for numbers for urbnCal 2012 in Helsinki, where many of the street numbers were placed on light cubes. One of the ideas with our wall calendar urbnCal was to make something physical in a digital world. In this calendar we are taking it one step further, the cubes are meant to be handled daily and turned to the current date. Another important part is that you can use it for many years, it’s a sustainable fellow.

12 street numbers screen printed by hand on quality cardboard from Norrmalms Kartongfabrik, glued together in the shape of cubes.
The calendar is inspired by Esa’s mother who every morning grabbed two small wooden cubes and turned to the date, then the weekday and sometimes the month. Our version of the calendar is reduced to just show the date to get a stronger and clearer expression.





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2013 NORDIC in a tree

We had a fantastic release party, people have left, but a tree full of next year’s days remain.

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urbnCal c/o Rädda Barnen Sverige

A large pre-order from Rädda Barnen Sverige played a crucial role when we decided to go for a new edition of urbnCal. It is a great honor for us and we have also decided to donate 25 sek to Rädda Barnen
for every calendar sold in Sweden (if you live outside Sweden we leave it up to you if you want to donate some money or time to charity, maybe your local Save the Children organisation?).

The calendar is ready and the first packages have left for Stockholm, Oslo, Taipei and Osaka. Next Saturday 6/10 it’s time for release!

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One month left…

Today it’s the first of December and the new year begins in a month. So it’s really time to say more about urbnCal 2012! We started with Stockholm 2010, then Copenhagen, and 2012 it is Helsinki!


How long does it take to make the calendar?
The first part is ”collecting” all the numbers. We spend about a week biking around the city, one area at the time, shooting pictures. We take turns, one of us is playing with the kids and the other is taking photos.
During the evening when the kids are asleep we go through the days harvest and name the pictures by street address and file them in folders, one for each month.
The next step is to adjust the photographes and place them in Indesign, our lay out-program. We check so the pictures work well together and crop them. This is usually when we have to kill our darlings or at least crop our darlings.


How did the idea come about?
We had the idea for a few years before we had the courage to try it in the summer/fall of 2009. We didn’t know if we could complete it or if it was too big a task and who would like to sell the calendar. One inspiration for the calendar was an earlier idea to make congratulation cards out of numbers plates. We have an interest for everyday details.

Why is it called urbnCal?
urbnCal stands for urban calendar. The idea from the beginning was to photograph many cities and compare the graphic impression of the numbers plates in different countries. We also needed a nice web address (url) because we wanted to publish the picture on the web, link to a map and get feed back etc. Maybe the calendar will get more of a digital life in the future?
There is no room for notes, how should I use the calendar?
The wall calendar is intended as a visual complement to a pocket diary or digital calendar. We see it more as a poster with a function. But there is some room if you really want to make notes, maybe with a golden pen.


Tech spec:
• 12 sheets (jan-dec) + 1 sheet with a list of all street addresses.
• High quality uncoated FSC-certified paper in three shade of white. (Munken Rough,170 g/m2)
• Format: A3 (11,7×16,5 in) with a 20 mm (0,8 in) hole for hanging.
• 2 colors: black & white photographs + colored details
• Packing: paper bag with handprinted logo
• Edition: 500

You can find it att Etsy, supermarket, Signerat

and here you find more retailers


Which city is next?
We haven’t decided on the next city yet, but we are thinking of a Scandinavian calendar, reuse some numbers and get some new in Oslo, maby Reykjavik as well. If you have any suggestions feel free to contact us!

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urbnCal 2011 here it is!


Yes now it’s on the wall! It has been available on the web a week and today we delivered some calendars to Fotografiska and konst-ig here in Stockholm.


urbnCal 2011 Copenhagen is:
• 12 sheets (jan-dec) of environmentally friendly  (FSC-certified)
swedish high quality uncoated paper (Munken Lynx Rough,170 g/m2).
+ 1 sheet with a list of all street addresses and a template for marking.

• Format: A3 (11,7×16,5 in) with a 20 mm hole  for hanging.

• 2 colors: black & white photographs + colored details

• Packing: plastic cover with label

• Limited edition packed in a screenprinted organic tote bag



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jollygoodfellow presenterar urbnCal!


Vi har zoomat in på stadens siffror: portnummer. I urbnCal får varje datum sin egen bild, en bild av en siffra. jollygoodfellow (Esa och Lisa Tanttu) har cyklat och gått genom olika delar av Stockholm och fotograferat portarnas nummerskyltar. Många portar och bilder har det blivit, året har ju 365 dagar. Urvalet är högst subjektivt.

Väggalmanackan är tryckt i A3-format, ett ark per månad. Häng hela bunten på en spik eller låt dom samsas sida vid sida,så får du koll på hela året.

kort info :
12st lösa ark i A3 (297 x 420mm) med hål.
Omslag/emballage i form av en stadig screentryckt brevpåse.
Appendix med förteckning över alla adresserna månadsvis.
Numrerad upplaga 200 ex.
Rekommenderat pris 295 kr.

konst-ig, Åsögatan 124, Stockholm
Kulturhuset, Stockholm
manos, Överjärva gård, Solna
Sweden Bookshop, Slottsbacken 10, Stockholm
På webben:
signerat .se

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