On behalf of the restaurant Bise here in Malmö we create unique artwork for the restaurant’s menus. A playful work where we print with our Risograph and work with collage directly on the scanner glass : ) The idea is to have a lot of variation which our unreliable Risograph helps us with. Our art work is on the back and the current menu is printed on location. The menus are like small art pieces and if you like it you might take it with you.








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A project that revolves around the sea, Malmö’s closest neighbor that connects us with the whole world.

Lately we have spent a lot of time with the sea and we are interested in the sea as a resource for a sustainable future from various aspects. Seaweed is something that we pay a little extra attention to, such as food, fertilizer, oxygen producer and exciting material.

We made a film about the process – the collection of information, the experimentation, different perceptions of the sea and how the fanzine Ocean takes shape.

The project was first shown at Southern Sweden Design Days 2022 – a new international design festival in Malmö, Sweden.



We printed the fanzine with our Risograph, a whole new experience for us to collect and develop information, work with the graphic form and then print 36 pages with a machine that lives its on life ; )

Printed with Risograph
Paper: Munken Pure 90 g
Size: A5, 36 pages

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Nordic No 2022

We did it! A new calendar 10 years after our last wall calendar that we called urbnCal.

For this calendar we cut up old silkscreened test prints of bicycles and printed the calendar on the other side. Happy to have them together. In that way the project has very small environmental effect.

12 sheets A3
Paper: Reused test prints, Munken Lynx 200 gr
Edition: 50
Printed with Risograph

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Southern Sweden Design Days 2021


In printing, ”utfall” or bleed is the extra space that will be trimmed off at the end of the printing process. Occasionally, these paper strips (the bleed) have also been experimented with. There have also been experiments with layer upon layer on test prints. In this exhibition the primarily focus is on the discarded pieces which get a new chance in the limelight.

The exhibition was situated at Form/Design Center during the very first edition of Southern Sweden Design Days 2021.


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Long Play

Long Play (or logg play) is based on a photo of a log, reminding of a classic LP record (Long Play). The growth rings have become tracks. We love the opportunity of listening to music digitally and get access to music that we did not know existed. But it’s still something special with the act of grabbing a sleeve, picking up the vinyl record and playing it. The limitations of the format is also nice in these times of limitless access to all kind of entertainment.  The print are
available in the jollygoodshop, come and have a look!



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