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Jollygoodfellow at Ab Småland



Some years ago we discovered a new store in Malmö. We are not that much into shopping but this place was something more than a place for shopping. Inspiring settings, good coffee, exciting products with high environmental awareness, a place of activity and a place for rest. It’ s called Ab SMÅLAND, we have been back there many times, and now our prints are there all of December, it’s a big honor for us. And yes, they even let us screen print on the wall ; )



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A few weeks ago, while visiting Mossagårdsfestivalen, we bought a 100% hemp shirt which really felt nice, like linen. It’s going to be interesting to see how it ages.

Industrial Hemp or “hemp”, can provide many of the raw materials  we need as a society to function.  Hemp food, hemp oil, hemp plastics, hemp insulation, hemp concrete, hemp paper, and other hemp composites all available today!  And yes, the list goes on and on. Plus, Hemp is both Eco-friendly and Renewable.   Hemp is one of the fastest growing plants in the world producing about 10 tons of dry product per acre per year.  Hemp was one of the first plants to be processed and used by humans making the history of hemp over 12000 years long!  Hemp Building materials are becoming more and more known and available as well!

says and further:

Hemp, like flax (linen) is one of the bast fibers. When weaving with hemp yarns, you can treat it like a linen yarn, using similar setts. It improves and softens with age. Hemp is also mildew resistant, making it an excellent yarn for towels, bath linens and carpet warp as well as in fine table linens and clothing.

Interesting! We hope you will find some hemp tote bags or hemp scarves  with our print soon!


Some hemp links:
is a good place to buy hemp products (swedish)
producing nice hemp shirts
and here is an article  eco-trip: Hemp

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manos in town!


Manos has left the green house at Överjärva Gård and moved to Renstiernas gata 22, Södermalm, Stockholm.  The first time we passed by our “jussi” was in the window! Today we delivered lots of newly printed “jussis”:  bodys, t-shirts and tote bags.
Karin, who runs Manos, sells her own nice ceramics (which you also see in the picture above) among hand picked items from around the world. Often there is an exibition from a  guest artist in one of the big windows. When in town – go there and get inspired!

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What we in sweden call a sunshine story (solskenshistoria)

A few years a go we bought some purple poppy seeds to spice up our cooking. After a while we found out that some bugs also seemed to like them so we thought “let’s give the poppy seeds to the birds”. It was in the middle of the winter and they could need some energy. We threw them in a flower box, but the birds weren’t interested at all. We forgot about the poppy seeds, but in the spring time they all of a sudden started to grow. The flowers have embellished our balcony all summer and now we have new poppy seeds which we can plant next year, if we haven’t used them in the kitchen.

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jollygoodfellow in Helsinki

We just got home from a trip to Finland, the first stop was Helsinki, a really nice city.
We walked around in the design district and of course we noted some nice bicycles and numbersplates (and did some PR).  Maybe urbnCal 2012 Helsinki…

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Now is the best time for picking stinging nettles! (at least in sweden).

Stinging Nettle has a flavour similar to spinach when cooked and is rich in vitamins A, C, D, iron, potassium, manganese, and calcium.

We were out picking some this week and made a fantastic soup in the evening.
Just remember to have a pair of gloves with you when you are picking.

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