Ten years ago, when we started screen printing together, Esa played around with roots. It became prints on some t-shirts with roots in different compositions. One of them was a play with the similarity between roots and hair, a calm man with a long beard of roots and eyes made of the letters a and p.

When we started to think of all the old prints we have left behind, we felt that we really wanted to give “Arvo” a second life. This time we worked further on the shape of the beard to get it look more like the real Arvo beard sitting on the chin of Arvo Pärt (one of our favorite composers in terms of modern classical music). This is not supposed to look like a portrait (as you see) but we think it turned out pretty well and gives, at least us, a feeling of Arvo Pärt and his music.

Here it is, the poster Arvo! And of course you find him in the jollygood shop as well.