Posters and other projects that fits nicely on the wall.

Flying V


More birds on their way. Last year we made a screenprint called Birds Migration. We have a huge collection of photos of birds flying over the studio. This is Flying V – which actually was the working title from the beginning.

We tried hard to find “the image of ” birds on their way, and this one we think is pretty close.  And maybe you find a music reference as well ; )


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This Rock is located here in Skåne, the east side also called Österlen. We love the place and took some photos more than 10 years ago. Now we have transformed one of them to a screenprint!





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RIDE – bike print


Finally our new big bike print is on the wall!

Foto 2016-05-09 14 25 00

After months of watching and discussing just the two of us and with really nice bike people we decided that the bike that Eddie Merckx used for his “Hour Record” 1972 in Mexico City should be the object for our next XL bike print.  The bike is clean and nice, very close to the image that pops up in our heads when we hear the word bike. And Eddie Merckx seems to be a very nice cyclist who has continued his bike journey in a nice way.

We fell over a long essay about the mystery: which bike is the bike that Eddie actually used during the record? We started to compare the different versions and still were not sure about which of them is “the bike”  but at least we have quite good odds as we have used parts from to different bikes ; ) One of the bikes is shown at the Eddie Merckx Subway station in Brussels and we where on our way to picture it but halfway there we had to change our plans due to the awful terror acts in Brussels during Easter week 2016.

Foto 2016-07-19 20 13 07  Foto 2016-07-19 20 44 26

Ride in the print shop.

“Ride as much or as little, or as long or as short as you feel. But ride.”
That is a quote from Mr Merckx that we really like and the reason we gave this print the name “Ride”.



This time we are using a heavier off-white (or cream shade) paper from the Swedish paper mill Munken. It feels and looks very nice.


Short info:


Size: 70 x 100 cm x 2
Paper: Munken Pure 300 g
Technique: photo based screenprint
Edition: 750

Handprinted in Arlöv Sweden
by Esa and Lisa Tanttu – jollygoodfellow




If you want press images or have other questions please contact




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We have thought about printing drums for a long time. In the beginning the idea was to make a print of a drum kit set up ready to play. And we were looking for a drummer with the right attitude and the perfect drums. But after a while we just took our own drums and started to try out. For us the best way was to put them in a pile and we were really exited!

After some calls we got access to a rehearsal hall with a huge collection of vintage drums. We looked and picked drums from the shelves like kids in a toy store. But then we fell in love with this little kit standing by the entrance.


A tower of vintage drums in a variety of brands (which you can see on the drum lugs if you are a drum nerd like us).

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The freedom to roam, or everyman’s right (Allemansrätten)  is the general public’s right to access certain public or privately owned land for recreation and exercise. The right is sometimes called the right of public access to the wilderness or the right to roam. (Wikipedia)  This print is our celebration to and reminder of Allemansrätten!



The poster is screen printed by hand in black and white on brownish paper. The paper is made out of recycled paper and rests from paper production (“kvistmassa”) so the look of the paper vary and can change color slightly . Also available on our standard paper Munken Pure (off white) were the text is printed in grey. You can have a look at it in the shop.


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An old object that (almost) no one use any more. We found the original for this washboard in our cottage on the Finnish countryside some years ago. Probably Esa’s grandmother worked hard in the quite to get the cloths clean, back in the days. Sometimes its good to be reminded about how people used to value and take care of their cloths and objects, we have a lot to learn from the past when it comes to sustainable living.

Photo 2015-04-27 11 29 29

Photo 2015-04-27 11 29 09
It’s also fun to see how it can be used as a DIY-rhythm instrument.

And actually the first idea when we found the washboard, was to print t-shirts as a comment to the hysteria about our bodies. Let us know if your are interested, maybe we will print some t-shirts!

You can find Tvättbrädan in the jollygoodshop



Tvättbrädan_46x64_detail-P1000119 Tvättbrädan-46x64_Wall-P1000220

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