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The freedom to roam, or everyman’s right (Allemansrätten)  is the general public’s right to access certain public or privately owned land for recreation and exercise. The right is sometimes called the right of public access to the wilderness or the right to roam. (Wikipedia)  This print is our celebration to and reminder of Allemansrätten!



The poster is screen printed by hand in black and white on brownish paper. The paper is made out of recycled paper and rests from paper production (“kvistmassa”) so the look of the paper vary and can change color slightly . Also available on our standard paper Munken Pure (off white) were the text is printed in grey. You can have a look at it in the shop.


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Slightly Imperfect


Slightly-Imperfect- JGF - 102315_1(k)

The pile of irregular tote bags have grown big, so we were thinking of something to do with them. Maybe turn them into pillow cases? But then we thought of an old print idea that has been in the drawer (or sketch book) for many years.


We have collected small marks for “irregular quality” during the years. The first one’s were found on cheap t-shirts and underwear bought in New York in the 1990’s.

Now we have let them be the main motif on some bags!

Slightly-Imperfect_printing01 Slightly-Imperfect_printing02 Slightly-Imperfect_printing03


The expression ”slightly imperfect” is kind of funny. It sounds humble but at the same time says ”almost perfect”. Like the swedish expression ”Obetydliga skönhetsfel kan förekomma” which means something like ”insignificant beauty imperfections might occur”. And who doesn’t feel like that at times?


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Urban Cube Calendar Cork!

5Foto 2015-06-25 17 06 16 copy

We have worked with street numbers for a long time. We have spent weeks and documented street numbers in the Nordic capitals for our wall calendar urbnCal. Now we have selected some favorites and made a perpetual calender in cork that can live for a long time.

1Foto 2015-05-25 18 07 49

The first step was to find a good supplier of cork that could make solid cubes for us. To our suprise we found one in a nereby town. Then we checked the durability with the kids help 😉

2Foto 2015-06-23 18 53 32 3Foto 2015-08-21 10 38 11 4Foto 2015-06-25 17 31 51

After some planning it is time to screen print one side at the time with the right number on the right side…

6Foto 2015-08-10 16 10 47

And here it is! The Urban Cube Calendar in cork!


7Foto 2015-08-13 14 52 49 8Foto 2015-08-14 14 08 20 9Foto 2015-08-15 11 34 11

The Calendar was shown for the first time at northmodern Copenhagen in August 2015. Now it is available in our Jollygood Shop.


10Foto 2015-08-13 17 50 48

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From stack to rack

This week we have planned and built a rack to dry our prints, mostly with things found in our basement. Afterwards we were eager to try it  and printed the first part of the bicycle poster. Usually its hard to find room for a  bunch of 70×100 cm sheets, but this worked really good!

We also found out that the roof was leaking just over the rack filled with new prints , but that’s another story.

Now there is hanging a bucket were the drops are falling. And we are looking forward to print the second part of the bicycle next week after some changes in the screen frame.

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the basement work space (3)

Light in the dark room

We bought an old solarium at one of the summer flea markets, and now it works as an exposure lamp in the process of preparing the silkscreen frames. We have used it to expose our new prints Tidsoptimisten and urban No. 1-9 CPH and we are very pleased with the result! Now that we have all the parts of the silkscreen process in place, it opens up for more experimentation.

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the basement work space (2)

Water in the basement!

When the winter arrived it wasn’t possible to take water from the hose outside any longer. For a while we ran with the silksscreen frames full of paint two floors up to wash them in the shower cabin. As an early christmas present Esa’s brother helped us to find the right pipes and tubes and then put them together. Now we are very glad that we finally have running water in the basement!

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A few weeks ago, while visiting Mossagårdsfestivalen, we bought a 100% hemp shirt which really felt nice, like linen. It’s going to be interesting to see how it ages.

Industrial Hemp or “hemp”, can provide many of the raw materials  we need as a society to function.  Hemp food, hemp oil, hemp plastics, hemp insulation, hemp concrete, hemp paper, and other hemp composites all available today!  And yes, the list goes on and on. Plus, Hemp is both Eco-friendly and Renewable.   Hemp is one of the fastest growing plants in the world producing about 10 tons of dry product per acre per year.  Hemp was one of the first plants to be processed and used by humans making the history of hemp over 12000 years long!  Hemp Building materials are becoming more and more known and available as well!

says and further:

Hemp, like flax (linen) is one of the bast fibers. When weaving with hemp yarns, you can treat it like a linen yarn, using similar setts. It improves and softens with age. Hemp is also mildew resistant, making it an excellent yarn for towels, bath linens and carpet warp as well as in fine table linens and clothing.

Interesting! We hope you will find some hemp tote bags or hemp scarves  with our print soon!


Some hemp links:
is a good place to buy hemp products (swedish)
producing nice hemp shirts
and here is an article  eco-trip: Hemp

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