Now we are back home after our first fair – Formex January 2013 in Stockholm “the largest interior design fair for Nordic design”. It had a dramatic start when we were driving from southern Sweden to Stockholm in a snowy and slippery weather. Our car skid and we drew off the road. Shocked but happy to have no injuries we moved all the packing and exhibition things to a rental car. After a nights sleep and pondering we continued to Stockholm and set up our booth at the Young Designers area. Our exhibition stand was designed to also work for a 9 months old baby (some specially designed toys at the floor and no posters within reach, a good choice since our youngest daughter stayed with us through the whole fair). Some of the new prints are now available in our shop.

We met a lot of nice people both among the visitors (press, shop owners and some looking for inspiration) and among the exhibitors. It was really nice to talk to some reseller we mostly have contact with through mail, like Anna in Paris, Kohsuke in Helsinki and Jessica from Rädda Barnen and the stylist Lina who suggested our calendar to the Rädda Barnen Design Shop.

An inspiring senior interior designer from Finland said about our paper bag hand outs “this is a piece of art, it will go straight up on the wall”. Small things like that make us happy.

Now we are inspired to keep working with our prints!