We call them mini and they are so small that they are just right to keep along with a smartphone (60 x 105 mm) to quickly scribble down what comes into your mind!

Our mini have the same basis as Jollygood Notebooks, 64 pages of the same lovely silky paper (Munken Pure 100g) thick enough so that the ink does not go through. They have no extra cover, the motifs are carved in rubber (by us) and then stamped/printed by hand on every little Mini.

The idea came to us after using our Jollygood Notebooks for a while, we felt that we wanted to complement with something even smaller, even more accessible. Here they are, like little sisters to our Jollygood Notebooks: Mini Notebooks!

We have explored the possibility of using them for flip book animations and just want to do more! A basic technique which suits us fine, you can see our trials on instagram #jollygoodflip. And we’d love to see yours there too!