When we had printed Världsmästarcykeln and Världsmästarcykeln XL we knew immediately that we wanted to continue to work with the bike theme. We started looking for other models and we have received several suggestions, but we still felt that we were not really finished with Världsmästarcykeln. For us it is somehow the bike. Then came the idea to start print it in color. And we thought, why not try? You are usually able to choose the colour of a bike when you’re in a bike store, so why not fix some new colours on our bike for spring 2014.

We have carefully mixed a colour which we think is near the orange hue we associate with Crescent’s World Championship bike. And we added a bright green and a really dark purple. Colours that are intended to work both together and separately.

When we stood at the printing table, we became so fond of the combination of mint green / purple that we printed a version with both colours, one above the other. So here are the spring colours according jollygoodfellow.