An old object that (almost) no one use any more. We found the original for this washboard in our cottage on the Finnish countryside some years ago. Probably Esa’s grandmother worked hard in the quite to get the cloths clean, back in the days. Sometimes its good to be reminded about how people used to value and take care of their cloths and objects, we have a lot to learn from the past when it comes to sustainable living.

Photo 2015-04-27 11 29 29

Photo 2015-04-27 11 29 09
It’s also fun to see how it can be used as a DIY-rhythm instrument.

And actually the first idea when we found the washboard, was to print t-shirts as a comment to the hysteria about our bodies. Let us know if your are interested, maybe we will print some t-shirts!

You can find Tvättbrädan in the jollygoodshop



Tvättbrädan_46x64_detail-P1000119 Tvättbrädan-46x64_Wall-P1000220

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the basement work space (3)

Light in the dark room

We bought an old solarium at one of the summer flea markets, and now it works as an exposure lamp in the process of preparing the silkscreen frames. We have used it to expose our new prints Tidsoptimisten and urban No. 1-9 CPH and we are very pleased with the result! Now that we have all the parts of the silkscreen process in place, it opens up for more experimentation.

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the scarves are gone

Well, now the scarves are all gone, thanks to Konstfack’s Christmas fair. We didn’t know how people would feel about them since the pattern is quite random, but both young and old liked them. Now we are inspired to continue the project.

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For a long time we have been thinking of how to re-use all the proof textiles. They are like a visual history of jollygoodfellow. Old and new prints side by side and on top of each other.  Now we have started to cut out squares, and we are thinking of having them as scarfs! And maybe we will add an extra print to some of them.

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Reuse and cultivate!


These suburban plants are growing in newspaper pots, and here is how you can make them using a paper roll and some old newspaper.

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Monarchy in the USA

When Etsy was celebrating “Euro week” we thought it was time these t-shirts (printed just for fun some years ago) were made available. It’s more a play with words than a political statement (even though it was made when Bush was president). You might recognize the source of inspiration. We like the D.I.Y. attitude in punk. This creative explosion is celebrated during the weekend in Stockholm. In June there is another (royal) celebration. This is a t-shirt you could wear at both occasions.

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bag tags

bagtagTygkassarna vi trycker på nu kommer från Ecolotion, ett företag som också satsar mycket på hampa i Europa vilket känns roligt. Tagsen som sitter på när kassarna kommer konkurrerar lite väl mycket med våra tryck så de brukar åka av och har blivit liggande i en hög (man kan ju inte slänga). Provade att göra julgranspynt av dem men det blev ingen succé. Nu har de blivit customiserade till jollygoodfellowtags!

Our tote bags come from Ecolotion, a european company that works with hemp fiber in the most environmentally-sound way possible, which feels great. The tags that is on the bags when we get them compete a little too much with our prints, we have removed them and they have been lying in a stack. We tried to make Christmas tree decorations of them but that wasn’t very successful. Now they have been customized – trimmed and less colourful – and become  jollygoodfellow tags!

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Visitkortsfabrik / 3d-grafik


Den här gången provade jag att trycka visitkorten på baksidan av en gammal tapet, den kommer från Esas mammas källare, räddade några gamla rullar när hon skulle flytta. Provade att lägga de uppskurna korten i press för att få dem plana (inget resultat) men när de väl var tryckta kändes den ofrivilliga 3d-effekten som ett plus!

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