Jolly Good Lördag – Premier!

This spring we have decided to open up the studio some more, we call it Jolly Good Lördag.  For us it’s a chance to let our local friends and customers come and see some more of what we do and how screen printing works, buy something from us without shipping cost, or just drink coffee with us : )  Here is some pictures from the first #jollygoodlördag which had the theme “skate”.















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An old object that (almost) no one use any more. We found the original for this washboard in our cottage on the Finnish countryside some years ago. Probably Esa’s grandmother worked hard in the quite to get the cloths clean, back in the days. Sometimes its good to be reminded about how people used to value and take care of their cloths and objects, we have a lot to learn from the past when it comes to sustainable living.

Photo 2015-04-27 11 29 29

Photo 2015-04-27 11 29 09
It’s also fun to see how it can be used as a DIY-rhythm instrument.

And actually the first idea when we found the washboard, was to print t-shirts as a comment to the hysteria about our bodies. Let us know if your are interested, maybe we will print some t-shirts!

You can find Tvättbrädan in the jollygoodshop



Tvättbrädan_46x64_detail-P1000119 Tvättbrädan-46x64_Wall-P1000220

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jollygoodfellow at Pajula


After two days in Helsinki we spent the rest of the week in a cottage without electricity and running water. We really enjoyed the contrast!

Right now we are very much into annual rings and to our delight the neighbors had cut down some forest, so we spent some time taking pictures and fighting the mosquitoes.

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Now is the best time for picking stinging nettles! (at least in sweden).

Stinging Nettle has a flavour similar to spinach when cooked and is rich in vitamins A, C, D, iron, potassium, manganese, and calcium.

We were out picking some this week and made a fantastic soup in the evening.
Just remember to have a pair of gloves with you when you are picking.

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Den senaste tiden har mycket kretsat runt siffror, vi har cyklat runt och plåtat portsiffror här i Stockholm, bilderna ska bli en kalender över året 2010.

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Sommar, finsk landsbygd, varken el eller vatten, hur trycker man tröjor då? jo med blocktryck! Fem av plaggen ur den lilla exklusiva finns fortfarande kvar (några små och några riktigt stora) nu har vi lagt upp dem på signerat.

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