A forest silhouette in magenta on a tote bag. The silhouette is shot in the forest by the clear-felled area where our prints “Sisaret” and “Long Play” come from. We enjoy going to this remote place in the finnish country side for inspiration and recreation.



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Long Play

Which is your favorite record?
Here is a way to show the world which music inspires you.

The music gets new visual forms and become more and more  digital, but we like the tactile feeling of a gramophone record, to grab a cover and pull out a long play!


We see the print as a hybrid between two of our biggest sources of inspiration – music (LP) and nature (log). We call it simply Long Play.

Originally it was created as an alternative album cover for the delightful pop duo The Forest And The Trees and is now living its own life and has evolved into a kind of monotype. Every tote bag will be unique!

We screen print the “LP” without the title and when you decide which record title you want us to customize the bag with, we print the text using a custom-made template.



Right now it’s available with green or pink label at supermarket and signerat.

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New pictures of an old friend


The fact is that “Kotten” is the first print we did together as a jollygoodfellow, we still like it and still print it. When we were going to make it available at supermarket we realized that we didn’t have that many pictures of the print on the right items (we changed supplier along the way). But now we have! Some of them you find here.

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Hyacint in clay


Konstfacks Christmas fair was great, lots of nice visitors (some of our prints are now out of stock) and many nice pieces, for exampel this hyacint who is staying with us now!

“As a symbol for the strenght and power of the natur the flower is explosively growing up through the surface of the clay.”
says  Karin Frankenstein and Anton Alvarez.

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Pajula woods in Västberga


We have been working in a bigger studio at Västberga industrial park for two weeks, where we tried out some new prints based on sketches from our sketchbooks and photos from the Finnish countryside. The two weeks flew by and now we have left with new prints in our screens and our sketchbooks filled with new ideas! The sun was shining and some of the days ended up with a refreshing swim. You can see pictures from the process at our Facebook-page and sooner or later the finished prints will show up here.

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Now is the best time for picking stinging nettles! (at least in sweden).

Stinging Nettle has a flavour similar to spinach when cooked and is rich in vitamins A, C, D, iron, potassium, manganese, and calcium.

We were out picking some this week and made a fantastic soup in the evening.
Just remember to have a pair of gloves with you when you are picking.

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