goWe like bikes and typograpy – in this print we has combined them both, Go!

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Ten years ago, when we started screen printing together, Esa played around with roots. It became prints on some t-shirts with roots in different compositions. One of them was a play with the similarity between roots and hair, a calm man with a long beard of roots and eyes made of the letters a and p.

When we started to think of all the old prints we have left behind, we felt that we really wanted to give “Arvo” a second life. This time we worked further on the shape of the beard to get it look more like the real Arvo beard sitting on the chin of Arvo Pärt (one of our favorite composers in terms of modern classical music). This is not supposed to look like a portrait (as you see) but we think it turned out pretty well and gives, at least us, a feeling of Arvo Pärt and his music.

Here it is, the poster Arvo! And of course you find him in the jollygood shop as well.


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Världsmästarcykeln in colour

When we had printed Världsmästarcykeln and Världsmästarcykeln XL we knew immediately that we wanted to continue to work with the bike theme. We started looking for other models and we have received several suggestions, but we still felt that we were not really finished with Världsmästarcykeln. For us it is somehow the bike. Then came the idea to start print it in color. And we thought, why not try? You are usually able to choose the colour of a bike when you’re in a bike store, so why not fix some new colours on our bike for spring 2014.

We have carefully mixed a colour which we think is near the orange hue we associate with Crescent’s World Championship bike. And we added a bright green and a really dark purple. Colours that are intended to work both together and separately.

When we stood at the printing table, we became so fond of the combination of mint green / purple that we printed a version with both colours, one above the other. So here are the spring colours according jollygoodfellow.


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Världsmästarcykeln (World Champion Bike)

Världsmästarcykeln XL ready

For us a bicycle is the optimal way to get around in a city! You get to know the city in a whole new way, and the city becomes easier to grasp.

The print Världsmästarcykeln!
The idea with this poster is to give the impression of having a real bike on the wall, therefore we wanted to print as close to natural size as possible. Our solution was to split the motif on two 70x100cm sheets.

We wanted to start from a classic racing bike, which for us feels a little like an icon for cycling. By a lucky chance there was a bike exhibition in our hometown of Malmö. We went there on the last day and snapped some pictures for inspiration. Immediately we felt that Harry Snell’s old worn Crescent would be perfect. One of the reasons was that Harry won the amatuer race in Valkenburg 1948 and after that Crescent was branded as the World Champion Bike for years, and the other that it simply had the right feeling.

But the pictures had a noisy background, so we had to spend many hours at the computer to create a nice bike silhouette. It was also the first time we screen printed a large format poster and we made many trials before we got it the way we wanted it. But now both of us absolutely agree that it was worth all the hard work!

Inspiration on the wall

The bike can demonstrate an active and healthy lifestyle (or the dream of it) . It can stand for freedom and taking responsibility for our world’s future through a minimal environmental impact.

At the bike exhibition in Malmö

The photographer and the bike.

The poster on the wall.

There is something very aesthetical with bicycles, graceful and subtle at the same time, and graphical!



Many of you seem to have enjoyed our effort and the edition of  Världsmästarcykeln XL  is sold out.

We have now a new bike print called Ride, read more about it here or have a look in the jollygood shop!

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Ĉu vi parolas Esperanton? (Do you speak Esperanto?)

It’s really fascinating this ambitious idea to create a new language to foster harmony between people. Esperanto is, after 125 years, still spoken, but I guess English is hard to compete with (which we also use on this web site). If it wasn’t for M. A. Numminen we might not have thought about it  that much. But a language he knows and even sings in must be worth a hand silkscreened poster!

Esperanto is the most widely spoken constructed international auxiliary language. Its name derives from Doktoro Esperanto (“Esperanto” translates as “one who hopes”), the pseudonym under which L. L. Zamenhof published the first book detailing Esperanto, the Unua Libro, on July 26, 1887. Zamenhof’s goal was to create an easy-to-learn and politically neutral language that transcends nationality and would foster peace and international understanding between people with different regional and/or national languages.


This poster is part of a series we are working on that explores the graphic expression of languages (and the relationships between people) with the starting point in Sweden, where we live.

Buy it here in our shop!

See also ABÇ-plansch.


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Sisaret poster

Sisaret is the Finnish word for sisters, you can read more about the print  “Sisaret” and have a look at the tote bag – version here.

The poster is  screen printed by hand on heavy off-white (Munken Pure 240g) uncoated swedish paper.
Size: 46×64 cm (18×25 inches) Stamped title and  signed with pencil (which you can also see in the picture below).

Available here !


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ABÇ-plansch (poster)


For us it has been a lot of numbers in recent years, so now it’s time for some characters.

The inspiration for this print comes from our new hometown Malmö (in the southern part of Sweden). A city where about 50% of the population has other native languages than Swedish. The ABÇ-plansch, an extended abc-poster, is our way of celebrating the great variety of expressions and a chance for us to enjoy exiting graphic shapes.

The selection is based on form and we have focused on the Latin alphabet and languages found in Europe. After some research we had an overwhelming amount of characters, to get the abc-feeling we kept 26 at a large size and placed the rest in three lines at the bottom of the print.





We think this print fits in a kids room (since today’s gifted kids already know how to read before they start kindergarten 😉 or to anyone who enjoy a graphic look.

Paper: Munken Pure 240g
Edition: Numbered 200
Print: Screen printed by hand
Typeface: Museo Sans
Design: L. E. Tanttu – jollygoodfellow, Sweden

Available at Supermarket and Nordic Design Collective.

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